Commission late in providing audio recordings

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Mark Chesler

A tape delay is pause for concern with frequent planning commission critic Mark Chesler.

He told city council members Monday that city officials have been slow to provide him with a tape of the March 24 housing renewal commission meeting. Chesler said a previous copy was incomplete so he requested a complete copy. He said he received a May 3 email from planning director Carrie Handy saying building division administrative assistant Saundra Phillips was out of the office until May 23, so a complete tape was unavailable.

Chesler said after the council meeting that he has received the tape, but it took too long. He told council Oberlin is violating Ohio’s public records law, which calls for prompt compliance with records requests. “Two months to obtain a copy of an official municipal audio recording of a meeting isn’t antiquated, its antediluvian,” he said.

City clerk Belinda Anderson said there was a problem with the tape but it was unintentional. However, Anderson said Chesler made “good points” about the need for the city to respond faster to public records requests if a city staffer is absent for a significant amount of time. “Someone needs to get those records (out) and it needs to be done promptly,” she said.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to correct two minor inaccuracies.

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