$50K grant will buy public exercise machines

City officials received a $50,000 grant in June from the Lorain County General Health District.

It will cover the purchase and installation of six pieces of outdoor adult exercise equipment by Depot Park on Rt. 58 and three hydration stations in town.

Oberlin’s planning and recreation departments applied for the grant in order to help residents focus on building a healthier lifestyle.

“We are really excited,” said recreation director Ian Yarber. “We are excited to bring something like this in the community.”

One of the hydration stations will replace the existing water station at Depot Park, another will replace the water station at the city’s recreation complex on West Hamilton Street and the third will be installed downtown.

“They will be going in before the end of September,” Yarber said.

The type of exercise machines that will be offered at Depot Park will be determined by residents and bike path users.

Planning director Carrie Handy said city officials plan to pick eight or nine machines and then have residents pick the favorite six. That information will be used to determine which equipment to order.

The outdoor exercise equipment cannot be ordered until October, Yarber said. An installation date has not yet been determined.

Each machine will come with a diagram showing how it should be used and a smart phone application that allows people to see how to use the equipment.

City officials are looking to work with a trainer to help residents set up workout plans.

Valerie Urbanik can be reached at 440-775-1611 or on Twitter @ValUrbanik.