Learn gardening secrets as tour returns

One garden has a beautiful pink flower blooming in the center of the backyard.

Photos by Valerie Urbanik | Oberlin News-Tribune

This garden features a pond with waterfall and a gazebo in the center of the backyard.

A water fountain is surrounded by flowers and a bird feeder

Garden tours are coming back to Oberlin.

Your chance to get a close up look at seven of the best gardens in Oberlin will come this Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

Dawn Hernon, owner of the East Oberlin Nursery, came up with the idea after learning Zion Community Development Corporation’s Legion Field needed a deer fence. She said the city has not had a good garden tour in a long time and wanted to bring one back to Oberlin.

What people will see on the tour remains a mystery.

“I think the key to a really good garden tour is the surprise element in the backyard,” Hernon said. “How often do you get the backyard gate open for you?”

The gardens are in close proximity to each other and people will get to walk or ride bicycles to each one along the two-mile tour route.

Each garden was built and planted by the owner and the gardeners are expected to be on site to answer questions and share a few of their secrets. “They’re great tours,” Hernon said. “They are hands-on gardeners.”

The tour will offer an eighth garden to finish out the event and that’s Legion Field on East Hamiliton Street.

Zion CDC program coordinator Carol Spiros said Legion Field donated 1,700 pounds of food last year to Oberlin Community Services.

The tour cost is $5 per person and the cash will be donated to Zion CDC for a new fence. Tickets can be purchased at East Oberlin Nursery on Rt. 511.

A rain date has been set for July 19.

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