Gears turning as candidacy deadline nears

Election season is approaching quickly.

Are you interested in running for office in Oberlin, its board of education, or a local township?

Oberlin has seven council seats open for next year. Incumbents Sharon Pearson and Elizabeth Meadows and newcomer Kelley Singleton have taken out petitions with the board of elections for at-large seats.

So far, none have officially filed.

To run for council, you must live in Oberlin for a year, be a registered voter, and pay a $45 filing fee. To file, candidates must collect a minimum of 25 signatures from registered voters (but no more than 75).

The Oberlin board of education has two open spots that will appear on the November ballot. No petitions have been pulled or filed with the board of elections for the school board seats.

There are also two seats open on the Firelands board of education.

In addition, New Russia and Pittsfield townships each have one seat open.

To run for either a board of education or township trustee, you must reside within the political subdivision’s boundaries, collect a minimum of 25 valid signatures but no more than 75, and pay a $30 filing fee.

The deadline to file is at 4 p.m. on Aug. 5.

Valerie Urbanik can be reached at 440-775-1611 or on Twitter @ValUrbanik.