Students bring back Pledge of Allegiance

By Jonathan Delozier -



The Pledge of Allegiance is once more part of daily routine at the Lorain County JVS due to lobbying by a student committee.

When Jill Petitti stepped into the principal role at the vocational school nine years ago, she formed a student advisory group. Its members hail from all high school grade levels and have worked to change policies on lunch menus and instituting spirit days each school year.

“I meet with the group monthly to talk about any and all issues in the school,” Petitti said. “The JVS hasn’t done the Pledge for at least a good number of years and the students wanted it back. After talking with staff, the decision became unanimous and we made sure all of the classrooms now have flags.”

Most classrooms already had American flags. Those that didn’t were given new ones by the Lorain County Veterans Service, which is located in Elyria.

Petitti said bringing back the Pledge has been talked about for a couple of years. Students now regularly lead their classrooms in daily recitals.

“I have students in this group that have been with me since they were freshmen and the Pledge has always come up,” she said. “We said this year we’re going to make a plan and we’re going to make it happen, so we did.”

“I don’t say yes to everything but these are big changes for the students and it feels good to them to have an impact,” Petitti said. “This is something everyone felt very strongly about. We’ve had very positive feedback so far.”

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By Jonathan Delozier