Cowling pops up on ‘The Price Is Right’

By Jason Hawk -

He went on down when announcer George Gray called his name — but Tad Cowling’s stint Tuesday on “The Price Is Right” was short.

The Oberlin resident and owner of Cowling Funeral Home showed up in the second half of the pricing game show on CBS wearing an orange “Cleveland Rocks” T-shirt.

Host Drew Carey is a native of Old Brooklyn and took a playful jab at Cowling.

“Tad, this is your one chance to have a Cleveland Browns fan win something,” Carey laughed.

Joining the line-up late in the show, Cowling got to bid on a trip to Palm Springs, Calif. He wagered $2,050 but was outbid by another contestant, which means he didn’t get to spin the wheel or go for broke in the Showcase Showdown.

But a fellow player from Northeast Ohio did make the cut for the final round. Jeremy, a wrestler from Cleveland Heights, got to play for a showcase that included a deckboat, hot tub, and trip to Alaska. “That boat would look good on Lake Erie,” Carey told him in one last shout-out to his home state.

Jeremy overbid by just a couple hundred dollars.

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By Jason Hawk