Walk along Plum Creek on Arbor Day

Staff Report

Celebrate Arbor Day on Thursday, May 3 with the John Bartram Arboretum at Kendal at Oberlin and the city of Oberlin.

The day’s schedule will include a 10 a.m. “Woods for Waters” lecture at Heiser Auditorium, Kendal at Oberlin; a lunch break at noon; and a 1:30 p.m. interpretive walk on the Plum Creek Greenway starting from Wright Memorial Park, Main and Vince streets.

This program is free and open to the public.

“This year’s Arbor Day program fulfills the John Bartram Arboretum’s mission of stewardship of our land to ensure a healthy ecosystem that is well matched to our reclaimed wetland environment,” said Larry Dunn, Chair of the Arboretum Committee at Kendal.

“Woods for Waters” will be presented by Jane Goodman, executive director of Cuyahoga River Restoration. She will speak on the need to keep rivers and streams clean and healthy, manage storm water, and keep soil from eroding.

The stretch of land along the river or stream bank is often referred to as a riparian zone. It is critical that this area be filled with trees and plants. Goodman will discuss the many benefits of sustainably caring for rivers and streams.

Oberlin’s Plum Creek Greenway is an important riparian buffer zone, said Sylvan Long, chair of the Oberlin open space and visual environment commission: “In addition to its use as a system of parks and trails along Plum Creek, the greenway prevents soil erosion and filters pollutants that would otherwise affect water quality in Plum Creek and eventually Lake Erie.”

Staff Report