Underground Railroad Center pavilion coming

Laurie Hamame | Oberlin News-Tribune

Bids for the construction of a 2,175-square foot pavilion along the south right-of-way of Edison Street will open May 1. The trailhead is part of “Phase IIB” of the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center and includes fully-accessible restrooms, bike racks, and additional sidewalks. Moody-Nolan Architects of Cleveland estimate the cost to be $377,500. The project will be funded 80 percent federally and 20 percent locally, with up to $293,713 in Federal Highway Administration money. Board members on the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center Implementation team have expressed interest in having a groundbreaking ceremony at the beginning of construction.

Phase I of the OURC project was completed in 2012, which involved the stabilization and rehabilitation of the exterior of the Gasholder Building. This included a new roof using sustainable EcoStar slate, masonry work, and the installation of newly-fabricated windows and a door. Phase II A began and was completed in 2016, with funding obtained through the State of Ohio Capital Budget. This phase included the installation of underground utilities, sidewalks, a parking lot, and ground preparation. Phase III is the final phase of the OURC project and will involve interior renovations.