Donate and help recovering addicts!

Staff Report

We’re collecting notebooks and pens to be used at The LCADA Way by women striving to reclaim lives ruined by addiction.

The Key is a women’s recovery facility. Clients there keep diaries, take notes in classes, and write letters as part of their journey. Paper and pens are low-cost items you can donate to help change a life.

“They put a lot of things down on paper, a lot of thoughts,” said The LCADA Way public relations director Joe Matuscak. “It’s going back to see where they were and the progress they have made.”

In recovery, you never want an idle mind. Busy hands and busy minds help, and journaling is part of that process.

During regular hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, you can donate notebooks and pens at our office. When you do, we’ll offer you a free cup of coffee and a special subscription rate of $30.15 for an entire year to show our appreciation for your help.

If you want, you can also kick back for a little while with one of our newspapers or look through our small collection of local history books.

Jason Hawk | AIM Media Midwest

Staff Report