Frequently asked questions

What newspapers do you publish?

The Amherst News-Times, Oberlin News-Tribune, Wellington Enterprise, and Lorain County Community Guide are all weekly newspapers. The city publications come out on Thursdays and the Community Guide comes out on Mondays.

I want to submit information to the newspaper. Where do I send it?

All news releases should be sent to, which is our central intake address, no later than 10 a.m. each Tuesday.

If I submit something, will it go in the newspaper?

We publish submissions on a space-available basis. We strive to print everything that our readers will find useful about our town and surrounding townships. However, we reserve the right to hold or reject any submission. We also reserve the right to edit all submissions.

Can my event be listed in the paper for several weeks?

Once submitted, non-profit event listings stay in our bulletin board as long as we have space available, up to four weeks prior to the event. You don’t have to submit it again unless there are changes. Ongoing listings are made available whenever possible to highlight events that are held regularly.

Will you guarantee that an item will print on a certain date?

We do not reserve space or make promises with the exception of obituaries, classifieds, and display advertisements, which are paid. We use all-local content and have a set amount of space to use. We fit as much as possible into that space.

Can my submission go in all of your papers?

Our publications are hyper-local. Our Amherst readers want information about Amherst, our Oberlin readers want information about Oberlin, and our Wellington readers want information about Wellington. While we do cover some county news such as ballot issues or the county fair, we keep everything as hometown-oriented as possible.

Can you help us with research?

Our editorial staff are 100 percent committed to creating new content. For assistance with research, we refer inquiries to local libraries and historical societies.

Do you print birth, college, engagement, wedding, and anniversary notices?

Yes. They are printed free of charge.

What are your hours?

Our office at 42 South Main St., Oberlin, has business hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

I want to buy an ad. How do I do that?

We love advertisers. They enable us to give readers the news. Classified ads are priced by length and can be placed by phone or in person during business hours. Display (graphic) ads are priced by size and several other factors (color, non-profit status, page placement, etc.) and can be purchased by speaking with our sales staff.