No bids for Underground Railroad pavilion

By Laurie Hamame -



No bids were received for the construction of a 2,175-square foot pavilion project along Edison Street.

The trailhead is part of “Phase IIB” of the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center and includes fully-accessible restrooms, bike racks, and additional sidewalks.

City manager Rob Hillard said he’s disappointed by the lack of response from contractors, but is understanding of the busy construction season. The plan is to re-advertise the project and continue marketing to qualified bidders.

“This happens now and again,” he said. “Contractors prioritize other projects. We knew it was a tough bidding environment.”

Phase I of the Oberlin Underground Railroad Center project was completed in 2012. It included a new roof, masonry work, and the installation of newly-fabricated windows and a door to the Gasholder Building.

Phase IIA was completed in 2016, with funding obtained through the state’s capital budget. It included the installation of underground utilities, sidewalks, a parking lot, and ground preparation.

Phase III is the final round of the project and will involve interior renovations.

Moody-Nolan Architects of Cleveland estimate the cost of the pavilion to be $377,500. The project will be funded 80 percent federally and 20 percent locally, with up to $293,713 in Federal Highway Administration money.

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By Laurie Hamame