Pedaling for a cause

Photos by Laurie Hamame | Oberlin News-Tribune

A line of cyclists pedaled through Oberlin on May 16, entirely silent except for the tick-tick-tick of bicycle chains. Members of the Silver Wheels cycling club met at the Train Depot on South Main Street for the 16th Annual Ride of Silence. The six-mile trek honored riders who have been injured or killed while traveling on public roadways and reminds motorists and cyclists that they share the road. The names of club members who have died were read, along with two Oberlin residents who were killed. Among them was 26-year-old Jason Baird, who had been biking to work last October and was found in a ditch on Quarry Road just south of Rt. 511. “I feel safer in a bike lane, but maybe that’s wishful thinking,” said Ed Wood, who said he’s had a few close calls himself while commuting.