Residents to pay storm water fee in 2019

By Laurie Hamame -

An extra monthly fee will be imposed on Oberlin property owners starting in 2019, but exactly how much has yet to be decided.

City council has decided it needs more money to fight pollution and flooding with storm sewer improvements.

A proposed fee of $4.25 per month — or $51 per year — would generate $257,000 toward the cause.

Around $400,000 per year is spent on storm water-related costs. Council is looking to double its budget to meet regulations set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Ohio EPA.

A new budget of $850,000 combines the current and additional required levels of service. It adjusts for uncollected charges, inflation at two and a half percent per year, and the five percent general fund administrative charge.

Automatic increases have been suggested to keep up with inflation. By 2023, the rate could raise to $6.61 per month or $79.32 per year with a $400,000 estimated revenue. These are in line with the rates in other local communities.

All buildings containing impervious surfaces — a surface that prevents water from being infiltrated — will be obligated to pay the fee.

Non-residential customers will be billed based on their measured equivalent residential units multiplied by the annual rate.

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By Laurie Hamame