Elkan heading to summit in Jerusalem

Staff Report

Rabbi Shlomo Elkan of Oberlin will join more than 150 of the Jewish world’s leading young innovators from 29 countries this month in Jerusalem for the 2018 RIO Summit.

Founded in 2006, ROI Community is an international network of activists working to strengthen Jewish communities and improve society.

This year’s summit participants are interested in boosting political involvement, promoting acceptance of LGBTQ individuals in the Jewish community, leveraging “maker” technology to create solutions for people with disabilities, and more.

Elkan is co-director for Chabad at Oberlin College. Since 2010, he and his wife have worked to create a “home away from home” for Jewish students at the college.

One of the highlights of his work has been the “How Do You Jew Creative Arts Collective,” meant to give a literal and figurative stage for students to talk about their Jewish identities and remove the stigma of discussing their Jewish identities on campus.

The summit will be held from June 24 to 28.

“The 70th anniversary of the state of Israel provides a theme and framework for the journey we hope our participants will undergo during the summit, both as individuals and as a community,” said No’a Gorlin, associate executive director of ROI Community. “By bringing greater awareness to, and understanding of, our relationships with others, we aim for these leaders to walk away with a heightened sense of intention, belonging, and responsibility as they continue pursuing social change in the Jewish community and around the world.”

Staff Report