Man faces felony gun, drug charges

Staff Report

A 19-year-old Oberlin man faces felony weapon and drug charges after being confronted by police at Pleasant Street Park.

Zachery Thomas had a handgun loaded with plenty of live ammunition June 7 when officers were clearing out the park at dark, according to an incident report made public this past week.

The 9mm Smith & Wesson was loaded with 15 rounds and more ammunition was discovered later in Thomas’ backpack, police wrote.

The report said Thomas at first tried to conceal the weapon — but after being placed in handcuffs due to a warrant for his arrest, he told officers the gun wasn’t his and that he’d taken it from a “little dude.”

The backpack additionally held a knife, which Thomas wasn’t allowed to possess since he was on probation, he told officers.

Thomas also allegedly had a balled-up piece of foil in his pocket with a black rock-shaped substance inside. It tested positive for methamphetamine.

Police said Thomas appeared to be high and he told them he’d snorted heroin. He was taken to Mercy Health Allen Hospital for treatment and was released after a two-hour observation.

Already convicted of aggravated burglary in 2014 and drug possession and paraphernalia charges in 2017, Thomas was charged with having a weapon under disability, which is a third-degree felony; carrying a concealed weapon, which is a fourth-degree felony; and possession of a Schedule II drug, which is a fifth-degree felony.

He was given bond of $17,500 and taken to the Lorain County Jail.

The case was bound over from Oberlin Municipal Court to a Lorain County grand jury.

Staff Report