Bridges close due to safety concerns

By Jonathan Delozier -

Two southern Lorain County bridges have been closed until further notice due to infrastructure concerns while another awaits state funding for replacement.

Lorain County engineer Ken Carney announced the closings of the Stocking Road Bridge, which falls on the Rochester-Brighton Township line, and Pittsfield Township’s Whitney Road Bridge on July 10 and 11 respectively following annual inspections.

Just over $700,000 is being sought by county officials to replace Wellington Township’s Pitts Road Bridge, with 95 percent of that cost expected to come from state funds. The bridge remains open and engineers are targeting next spring for construction.

Work at Stocking and Whitney Road could be completed by this fall but Whitney might have to wait until 2020.

“On Whitney we’re looking at some bad stringers and on Stocking Road the beams, specifically above the bearings, are worn out,” said engineer Scott Duffala. “On Stocking, everything but the abutments will go. We’ll put new beams and decking on the existing abutments.

“Whitney road is a little tricky because of funding,” he said. “It also deteriorated a bit faster than we’ve anticipated. We have funding lined up for 2020 but I don’t anticipate it being closed for that long. Estimates are coming into see what it will take to get new stringers in there by this fall.”

Local funds are expected to cover the entirety of work at Stocking and Whitney Roads but final costs have not yet been determined, said Duffala.

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By Jonathan Delozier