Airport upgrades covered by ODOT grant

By Jonathan Delozier - jdelozier@aimmediamidw

A $175,000 upgrade of lighting and taxi signage at the Lorain County Airport in New Russia Township will be paid for with a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The state money will pay for 95 percent of costs with the remainder coming from county funds, a measure approved Aug. 22 by Lorain County commissioners.

General wear and tear due to age and weather has necessitated the upgrades, which will cover all taxi signage and lighting in areas such as ramps and tarmacs.

Work is expected to begin in September and be completed before winter, according to Lorain County facilities management director Karen Davis.

“We keep a capital improvement list at the airport, which can be anything from a cracked ceiling to resurfacing runways or taxiways,” she said. “There’s so many important items that keep the airport operating, so it’s an ongoing list. As money becomes available, we apply for the grants that can tackle those individual projects.”

A $1.2 million resurfacing of three airport taxiways could be carried out in the near future through a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration.

If approved, that grant would cover 90 percent of costs with ODOT and local funds each chipping in five percent.

“The airport gets $150,000 from the FAA every year and they call it entitlement dollars,” Davis said. “For anything over that we have to go through the grant application process. We’re just waiting now for the application to go through the review process.”

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By Jonathan Delozier