FUNDRAISER: ‘I would have walked until I dropped’

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A heat index over 100 degrees prevented Ed Hendershott from completing his annual 15-mile trek from Lorain to Oberlin on Labor Day but he was determined to make it at least halfway. At age 80, he set out to walk from Veterans Memorial Park to Wright Memorial Park. He made it to mile seven before the heat became unbearable; at one point, he was hanging onto the guardrail of the overpass on Oberlin Road. “I didn’t want to quit, but I can’t say I didn’t complete my mission,” he said.

Hendershott’s goal was to raise money for Paralyzed Veterans of America and he hit the $700 mark. While walking, people approached to say he’s an inspiration and some even walked a mile or two alongside him, including Mike Samson (pictured with Hendershott). “I don’t deserve all this credit,” Hendershott said, tearing up. “I was a hot-headed kid. I didn’t take orders. I was a bad soldier, but this is a way of me turning that around and making it into something good. This is my way of giving back.”

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