GPS will help kids catch the school bus

By Laurie Hamame -

It happens every winter: Parents call the Oberlin City Schools to complain about late buses and children left standing in the freezing cold.

Now district officials are looking to a device no larger than a tissue box that may give those parents some peace of mind.

While it’s not up and running yet, GPS technology will better keep parents in the loop when traffic is slowing drop-offs or buses are moving slowly on ice, said operations manager Dan DeNicola.

The “Networkfleet” program will let parents know when the bus is coming by checking an app on their computer or smartphone. A link will be posted on the Oberlin City Schools website when it becomes available.

That means students can wait for the bus inside their warm house on a cold, snowy morning instead of shivering out at the bus stop.

Parents can see the bus’ estimated time of arrival and they can check back later to make sure the bus made it safely to school.

The GPS system monitors where school buses are, if and when they’re stopping to pick up children, and their speed limit, said DeNicola.

The program costs the district $238 per month through Verizon.

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By Laurie Hamame