GRADUATION: Ready to walk

Adesina Odiduro, Derek Lewis, and Brianna Orzech meet outside Finney Chapel before the ceremony.

Nick Pfeifer and Heather Dunham take photos with each other and family members before commencement.

Alyssa Halbisen and Julia Palacio

John Cole waits for the ceremony to begin.

Spencer Pauley, John Cole, Grant Cadenhead, and Amani Crowley

Louise Hogg and Douglas Montoney

Seniors share a few laughs and stories before the ceremony.

Victoria Middlebrooks, Tara Moore, and Michaela Amato

Reyna LaRiccia and Hannah Rasmussen

Columbus Wilson, Ramon Eisom, and Malcolm Allen

Robert Dennis, Andrew Green, and Kaleb Fields

Amber Schaab and Ivan Smith

Michaela Amato, Jaden Dorin, and Marvin Jackson

April Sword and Angela Walker

Hannah Richard helps Tong Li put on her National Honor Society hood.

Students decorated their caps for the ceremony.

Ethan Hill, Amber Schaab, Cameron Dobos, and Louise Hogg

Joseph Hembree and Jacob Lawrie

Tong Li and Oberlin High School teacher David Hathaway

A group of seniors wait outside the chapel.

Photos by Valerie Urbanik | Oberlin News-Tribune

Eighty-three students graduated from Oberlin High Schools Friday at Finney Chapel. The News-Tribune found students in the moments leading up to the ceremony as excitement was building. Enjoy these photos!