Ralph Potts steps down as Oberlin Business Partnership board president

Ralph Potts has resigned as president of the Oberlin Business Partnership’s board of directors.

Potts, general manager for Oberlin Cable Co-op, has served as OBP board president for four years.

“It’s been a privilege to be part of an organization that means so much to the community,” he told fellow board members.

Potts said he needs to devote all his time to his family and his Cable Co-op responsibilities, since the organization is going through massive changes in products and services.

Potts has been general manager of the Cable Co-op for 28 years and is working to help Oberlin become a gigabit community through expansion of high-speed fiber and devices needed to support faster Internet.

“I am so proud of what the Oberlin Business Partnership has become in Oberlin and feel blessed to have been able to be a part of it,” he wrote in his resignation letter.

During his presidency he helped guide the merger of two struggling organizations – the Oberlin Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Oberlin. The OBP mission is to promote the sustainable growth and prosperity of the Oberlin community. OBP provides leadership, advocacy and services that respect the past, enhance the present, and assist in crafting the future of Oberlin.

“Ralph Potts is a service-minded individual who, quietly and without expecting accolades, goes about providing community service,” said Janet Haar, OBP executive director. “He gave OBP a home right where it should be – downtown next to the Apollo Theater, ground level in an inviting place from which to promote Oberlin.”

Larry Funk, owner of Northshore Properties and Route 58 Storage, has been named the new OBP president.