GRADUATION: Valedictorians urge classmates to make a difference

Photos by Valerie Urbanik | Oberlin News-Tribune

Valedictorian Maxwell Annable thanks the staff at Oberlin High School for keeping the graduates motivated through the years.

Valedictorian Ethan Hill reflects on the classes diversity and closeness.

Valedictorian Katlin Vough encourages her classmates to be the difference they want to see in the world.

Valedictorian Alexandra Walsh tells the Class of 2015 that they have so much still to do.

Valedictorian Nina Young encourages graduates to remember the memories they made at Oberlin High School.

The Class of 2015 is prepared to make an impact on the community and world.

That was the consensus of Oberlin High School’s five valedictorians: Maxwell Annable, Ethan Hill, Katlin Vough, Alexandra Walsh, and Nina Young.

“This class is full of potential,” Vough said. “We can use our skills to improve the community around us.”

She encouraged her 83 fellow classmates to show the world they can make the difference.

“I know who the Class of 2015 becomes will be truly amazing,” Walsh said.

The valedictorians assured fellow graduates that their next journey will only be a small part of their life stories.

As the seniors take the next steps in their lives, Young encouraged them to remember the memories they made at Oberlin High School.

“These memories are what will guide us through the rest of our lives,” Young said. “We will all move on far from this place, our lives growing in experience and meaning as we walk further along the paths of life.”

Hill reflected on the class’ diversity and closeness, which make the crop of graduates a unique group.

“We are a very diverse bunch, which not only makes us I think more interesting but also more open to differences and more accepting of those differences,” he said.

Unity among classmates has grown as they have supported and helped each other through their years at Oberlin.

Valedictorians agreed that the staff at Oberlin High School has helped each student improve and succeed.

“We thank you for keeping us motivated,” Annable said. “Thank you for actively investing in our future.”

Vough told the Class of 2015 that this is not a goodbye, but more a “see ya later.”

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