GRADUATION: ‘We have become a family’

Valerie Urbanik | Oberlin News-Tribune

Senior class president Victoria Middlebrooks reflects on the memories created by the Class of 2015.

“Today is the day we can say we did it,” said senior class president Victoria Middlebrooks.

She addressed the Class of 2015 and family members Friday at Finney Chapel for the final remarks of the Oberlin High School graduation ceremony.

“Today we share our laughter and memories of this incredible journey,” Middlebrooks said. “This is a moment I’ve been anticipating for a while now — writing a graduation speech.”

The Class of 2015 has grown over the years from a group of awkward students to one of the greatest and most unique set of graduates, she said.

“Over these past four years, we have become a family,” Middlebrooks said. “I mean, come on now, who else can say their senior class was four-year tug-a-war champions?”

Seniors have left their mark at Oberlin High School academically, with sportsmanship, and by reputation.

“I can’t stand up here and take credit for this alone because that was an energy created by us all,” Middlebrooks said. “You’ll all forever hold a place in my heart. You’ve all done such amazing things and you all have great futures ahead of you.”

She assured classmates that even though their years at Oberlin High School have ended, a new chapter is just beginning.

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