Oberlin to get a small slice of salt scandal pay-out

A check for $1,558 will be cut to the city of Oberlin as part of a statewide rock salt scandal.

Nearly 850 public entities in 87 Ohio counties will share in $11.5 million as part of an antitrust lawsuit against Cargill and Morton Salt companies.

“When I announced this settlement in June, I indicated my intention to return a significant portion of the money to local agencies and governments that buy rock salt,” Attorney General DeWine said. “We know these agencies stretch public funds and taxpayer dollars as far as possible, and we hope this money will help them make roads safer for the citizens who depend on them.”

Cargill and Morton were accused in March 2012 of dividing up the Ohio rock salt market and agreeing not to compete with each other for public bids.

As part of the alleged conspiracy, the two companies decided in advance which would win specific bids in Ohio, according to the attorney general’s suit.