14 women find new careers

Fourteen women received training over the past month at Oberlin Community Services and are starting new jobs.

The non-profit partnered with HHW Ohio to offer residents in Lorain County a 40-hour career course called Women in Sustainable Employment Pathways.

The course taught women about jobs in mechanics, construction, manufacturing, and other industries. It also helped each participant create a resume, fill out applications, and practice interviewing.

OCS director Cindy Andrews said the women have applied for jobs at local businesses including Agrinomix, the city’s offices, and even regional jobs with Columbia Gas.

The women who participated in the program came from Oberlin, Wellington, LaGrange, Elyria, Lorain, and Vermilion.

Each had to have a GED, be drug free, have a valid driver’s license, and be interested in the jobs that were being taught.

“It has been so good,” Andrews said. “The intent is for all of the women to find jobs.”

The idea for the program came after Andrews saw the results of a survey her clients filled out about their needs. The main two areas of need were finances and affordable childcare.

Andrews thought the best way to help the women get out of debt would be career assistance.

She said the women were excited to be part of the program and work together to help each other through the course.

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