Six outdoor excerise machines to be purchased for Oberlin public

Ian Yarber

Ian Yarber

Ian Yarber Yarber

Six pieces of outdoor exercise equipment are being ordered this month for residents to use near Depot Park on South Main Street.

Oberlin officials received a $50,000 grant in June from the Lorain County General Health District to purchase the exercise machines and three hydration stations.

The grant is geared toward helping residents build a healthier lifestyle.

The first hydration station was installed in August at Depot Park and the second is expected to be installed this week at the city’s recreation complex on West Hamilton Street. It will replace the current water fountain at the park. The third station is expected to be installed downtown.

Recreation director Ian Yarber said he had residents fill out a survey picking their favorite six exercise machines from a list of 12 pieces of equipment.

Ninety-five surveys were collected at events around town and along the bike path on South Main Street.

Yarber said the grant requires city officials to conduct surveys to find out what people do and do not like about the equipment and hydration stations.

“The first six we get are the ones from the surveys,” he said.

Residents have chosen to have a two-person accessible chest press, an accessible reverse fly, a four-person leg press, a stair climber, an elliptical cross-trainer, and a two-person back and arm combination machine.

“You are getting the upper and lower body exercises with all of these machines,” Yarber said. “Even though some are upper body they are hitting different muscle groups in the body. It should be a pretty good workout.”

Each machine will have a diagram showing how to use it and a smart phone application to allow people to watch a video on how to use it.

“They are expected to weather tolerant,” said Yarber, commenting that numerous residents and bike path users seem very interested in having the equipment.

The machines are expected to arrive in town two or three weeks after city officials order them. The equipment will sit on concrete pads so depending on the weather they will be installed this year or be stored for the winter and installed next spring.

Yarber is interested in working with a trainer to help residents create workout plans or an exercise class.

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