City of Oberlin announces fall leaf pick-up dates and guidelines

Leaf collection will begin the week of Oct. 26 and continue until a majority of the leaves are picked up or until there is a substantial snowfall.

This collection is for leaves only. Do not put brush or other foreign materials in with the leaves, which can damage the machine or cause injury to the leaf crew. Leaves will not be picked up if there is brush or other foreign materials mixed in with them.

For those who live on a street with a cul-de-sac, do not put leaves on the island. Due to the length of the truck and leaf machine, it makes it difficult to get the leaves to the machine for pickup.

Do not rake the leaves into the street. This blocks storm sewers and contributes to flooding. Leaves in the street are slippery and can cause bicycle, motorcycle or car accidents.

Recovery of the organic materials helps to keep excess nutrients out of the watershed, reduces the potential for algae growth, and ensures higher quality aquatic life. The city insists residents rake leaves to the curb lawn only.