Freshmen, teacher recruiting are on new Oberlin Schools superintendent’s list of goals

Superintendent David Hall

Superintendent David Hall

Superintendent David Hall David Hall

Struggling freshmen will receive additional assistance this year at Oberlin High School.

Superintendent David Hall is bringing the 100 Men of Lorain County program to freshman boys. It will help 30 ninth-graders to be mentored community members on career goals, jobs, financial stability, school work, and other areas in which assistance is needed.

Hall said many students leave high school and don’t understand credit issues that arise with earning and spending money.

“We want our students to be ready for that world,” he said.

The program will be offered once a month for an hour during the school day until June. The first class will be held Thursday, Oct. 15 at the high school.

Speakers from Oberlin will talk to the students at each class, covering a variety of topics. “It’s another voice for the kids to hear and for community members to get involved,” Hall said.

This program was offered at Hall’s former school district, the Lorain City Schools. “The kids loved talking to the community members,” he said.

The next step is to create a female group to help ninth grade girls who need additional assistance.

Hall will also work to recruit college graduates for teaching jobs earlier in the school year.

“A lot of times school districts don’t start recruiting until July,” Hall said. That’s too late because teachers and administrators are gone for the year and other districts have already signed contracts with educators.

He plans to start the process this fall, recruiting locally first.

If that does not work, he plans to work with Youngstown and Kent state universities to meet graduating teaching students, discussing openings within the district and selling them on the town.

Any student interested in applying can sign up for an interview. The top candidates will come to Oberlin for a second interview and a tour of the city and school district, Hall said.

“Once we start recruiting them we want to keep them connected with Oberlin,” he said. Hall plans to have someone reach out to the top candidates once a month and send additional information about what’s going on in the district.

“We need to get them now,” Hall said of starting the recruiting process early. “This is a really aggressive recruiting plan.”

Hall wants to offer contracts to the finalists and entice them to move to Oberlin.

Principals and teachers are expected to be used to help in the recruiting process.

“The teachers are the best recruiters,” Hall said. “We have to make sure they’re a good fit for Oberlin.”

The new superintendent also plans to restart the school’s youth council, have student presentations at the beginning of each board of education meeting, and have student artwork hung inside downtown businesses.

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