Norenberg interviews for new job

By Valerie Urbanik -

City manager Eric Norenberg

City manager Eric Norenberg

After eight years leading the city of Oberlin, Eric Norenberg is interviewing for a new job.

The city manager told council members in an email Friday that he would be out of the office Tuesday and Wednesday for a job interview.

Norenberg would not disclose anything about the nature of the interview — even what state the job is in. He said the people conducting the interview do not release the candidates’ names until the finalists are announced.

The finalists are expected to be released later this week.

Norenberg said eight years as a city manager is longer than the average tenure for his job.

“I still feel like I have a lot to give to Oberlin and a lot to accomplish over the next few years if I stay, but felt like it was time to test the waters,” he said. “This particular opportunity would be a very good career move for me if it works out, but if not, I will continue to be committed to the city of Oberlin and its residents.”

Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System director Steve Dupee will be the city’s acting manager on Tuesday and planning director Carrie Handy on Wednesday.

Norenberg was asked to leave his job in January. Four council members sent him a letter calling for his resignation.

He refused, and council did not have the necessary 5-2 majority to end his employment by vote. Elected leaders drafted a list of goals for Norenberg to meet in the meantime, including improving communication, finding a solution for a flooding wetland on the city’s south side, performing long-overdue employee performance reviews, scheduling fire prevention inspections of city buildings, and more.

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City manager Eric Norenberg manager Eric Norenberg

By Valerie Urbanik