What local issues are on the Nov. 3 ballot?

Staff Report


A one-mill renewal levy for Camden Township fire and EMS will appear before voters as Issue 6. If approved, the cash would be used to help maintain fire equipment, buildings, sources of water supply and materials, maintenance of fire alarms, and pay firefighters.

The money would also help purchase ambulance equipment and medical services. It’s expected to cost $29.25 per year for every $100,000 wroth of property you own for five years.

Issue 7 is a 2.5-mill renewal levy for Camden Township road improvements. If approved, the money will be used for construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, and repairs to township roads.

It will cost $63.38 per year for every $100,000 work of property you own for five years.


Issues 12 and 13 will appear before voters to approve a retail electricity and natural gas aggregation program for residents and small business.

If approved, the township will consider joining the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, which will provide residents with low-cost electricity and natural gas.

“All of the townships around us have already done this,” said New Russia Township director of operations Fred Swanson.

After passage, residents would automatically enter the program unless they choose to opt out.

Swanson said residents receiving gas or electricity from a co-op will not have an option for joining the program — only customers with Ohio Edison and Columbia Gas can enter the agreement.


Issue 18 is a 1.15-mill renewal levy that will appear before voters for ambulance services, EMS, and current expenses.

If approved, it would cost $35.22 per year for every $100,000 worth of property you own and would be on the books three years.

Staff Report