• Oct. 21 at 1:58 p.m.: A man reported 50 prescription pills were taken from his home.

• Oct. 24 at 4:18 p.m.: Ryan O’Connor, 28, of Wakeman, was charged with possession of marijuana and arrested on a warrant through the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office for contempt of court.

• Oct. 24 at 2:28 p.m.: Dennis Adams, 22, of Vermilion, was arrested by Huron County sheriff’s deputies on a bench warrant through Oberlin Municipal Court. Police transported Adams to the Lorain County Jail.

• Oct. 25 at 8:15 p.m.: Alexander Walker, 65, of Oberlin, was charged with disorderly conduct and intoxication and obstructing official business. A report said police gave Walker two warnings about being in public due to the state of intoxication he appeared to be in and if he left his home again he would be arrested.

• Oct. 26 at 6:55 p.m.: Police responded to an alleged domestic violence situation between a juvenile and man on Shipherd Circle. The juvenile told officers that his stepfather shoved him and hit him in the face and the two started fighting when he tried to leave the house.

The man told police the juvenile tried to punch him and when he would not let the child leave he attacked him. A report said the younger juvenile told police his sibling tried to hit his stepfather first over an argument about a game system. The juvenile was arrested for domestic violence and the case is being forwarded to the Lorain County Juvenile Court for charges.

• Oct. 29 at 8:24 p.m.: Robyn Kubisen, 43, of New London, was charged with theft of $9.94 worth of items from Wal-Mart.

• Oct. 30 at 6:17 p.m.: Three items worth $2,350 were reportedly taken from an office inside Oberlin College’s gymnasium.

• Oct. 30 at 9:12 p.m.: Arleta Armstrong, 25, of Wellington, was charged with driving under suspension.

• Oct. 31 at 1:41 a.m.: Peter Lafreniere, 21, of Cambridge, Mass., and Maya Howard-Watts, 19, of Oberlin, were charged with criminal trespass. A report said the Oberlin College students squeezed through Langston Middle School’s locked bus parking lot and were inside a bus. No damages were observed inside the bus.