Eric Norenberg to leave Oberlin for job in undisclosed city

By Valerie Urbanik -

Eric Norenberg

Eric Norenberg

After eight years as Oberlin’s city manager, Eric Norenberg is leaving.

He sent an email Tuesday afternoon to local elected officials, saying he has been offered a position managing another city.

Norenberg was out of the office Monday and Tuesday this week while interviewing and could not be reached for comment.

Planning director Carrie Handy served as the acting city manager while Norenberg was gone.

His email stated he was the unanimous choice by an undisclosed city’s mayor and council but has been asked to not share the name or location of the community until an employment agreement is approved.

“I intend to fully uphold my employment agreement with the city of Oberlin and will provide at least 30 days notice prior to leaving,” Norenberg said in the email.

“The city of Oberlin has my full attention and I will do whatever is necessary to ease the transition,” he said.

Norenberg did tell the News-Tribune the new position would be a very good career move and he has been with Oberlin longer than the average tenure for a municipal manager.

Council president Scott Broadwell said the new position will be a good opportunity for the departing city manager. “I wish him the best of luck,” he said. “I’ll be sorry to see him leave. He’s done a great job here.”

Norenberg was appointed in October 2007. Before coming to Oberlin he had multiple positions with the city of Mesa, Ariz.

Oberlin has received numerous regional, state, and national awards, titles, and recognition during Norenberg’s time including Climate Action Champion, Solid Waste Operator of the Year, Clean Energy Community of the Year, and a Bicycle Friendly Community.

Making a new hire will be one of the 2016-2017 council’s tasks once members are sworn in this January. Broadwell expects to use councilman Ronnie Rimbert’s expertise to find the best practice in hiring a new leader.

Broadwell said Rimbert have been on council for the hiring of each of council’s four appointees — city clerk Belinda Anderson, law director Jon Clark, finance director Sal Talarico, and Norenberg.

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Eric Norenberg Norenberg

By Valerie Urbanik