Mobile medical trucks get nod

Two medical trucks are coming to town in September for Lorain County Health and Dentistry.

Planning commission members last Wednesday approved the operation of two medical mobile units that will be parked on the health center’s site at 260 South Main St. through the end of the calendar year.

The clinic received a $650,000 annual federal operating grant in May that requires it to start seeing patients in September.

The only hitch is that its new building is not expected to be finished until mid-December.

Trailers will be parked on the north end of the property — away from construction — with two exam rooms, a restroom, a supply area, and a waiting room.

“We used this unit before in Elyria for eight months,” said LCHD president and CEO Stephanie Wiersma.

The trailers are expected to be open two or three times a week for only children or only adults (that has yet to be determined). There will be a gravel parking lot with 10 spaces.

Planning commission member Bryan Stubbs urged Wiersma to have plants by the mobile units to make the setup look as nice as possible.

The commission also approved a sign permit for the clinic to replace the current sign on the property.

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