$531K in repairs coming to North Prospect

A $531,971 contract was awarded last Monday to Crossroads Asphalt Recycling to repave North Prospect Street.

City council members approved repairs to the pavement from Lorain to Union streets, which was rated by engineers as being in poor condition. Workers will repave the bad section, replace existing storm drains, and repair curbs.

Portions farther north were rated “fair” and will undergo select curb replacement and base repair

Councilman Bryan Burgess said there have concerns from residents that other streets need repair more than North Prospect.

“As we look forward to other paving projects we’re always mindful of cost and I think there’s going to be some trade-offs when we chose to take on those bigger projects,” he said. “The smaller ones like North Prospect can easily be forgotten.”

Public works director Jeff Baumann said the city repaved South Prospect in 2010 and did not complete the project as a whole because it would have cost roughly $1 million.

“I’m looking forward to completing this one project before moving forward,” Burgess said.

The cash for the project will come from the Income Tax Capital Improvement Fund.

Baumann expects work to begin in the middle of July and finished by early fall.

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