Mold scares away buyer

Valerie Urbanik | Oberlin News-Tribune

The former city manager’s house sits vacant after a bidder discovers mold inside it.

Mold discovered inside the former Oberlin city manager’s house has killed a deal to sell the property.

The highest bidder to back out of his offer to buy the land. Now the city-owned home is back on the market.

The property at 205 Morgan St. is being sold as-is. Walk-throughs for the house began in late March and early April for potential buyers.

There were two bids, said city manager Eric Norenberg.

The highest bidder had an inspector evaluate the house before purchasing it.

“It was to only inform the buyer details about the house they could not see,” Norenberg said.

The city did not have the inspection done so they did not receive the results but the bidder did inform officials that a test for mold came back positive “on various surfaces like window seals,” Norenberg said.

He said the buyer had the option to withdraw the bid or fix the problems and the bidder withdrew.

“We felt it made sense to make some repairs,” he said. “It’s a situation that needs to be addressed.”

City officials have people working on the issue throughout next week to fix it.

It is unclear what caused the mold to develop but Norenberg believes it could have been caused by humidity build-up and the house sitting vacant.

He’s hoping addressing this issue will help the city sell the house in a better condition.

City officials will have to start over in the selling process when the house is ready for the market.

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