Talarico: Council could raise vehicle registration costs

Staff Report

Passenger car registrations could jump $10 and generate another $40,000 per year, Oberlin finance director Sal Talarico said Tuesday.

No formal proposal exists to do so, but Talarico responded to a city council request to explore permissive licensing fees.

Right now, Oberlin residents pay $44.50 for a passenger car registration, with $16.80 going to the city. The rest is split between the state and county.

State law allows the city to impose up to two more $5 levies on vehicle registrations. Each would generate about $20,000 per year

The cash would go into the city’s streets and highway funds. The influx could potentially free up an equal amount from the general fund to be used for other projects.

Oberlin vehicle registrations could cost as much as $54.50 if council chooses to move on the increases.

To do so, members would need to vote by the end of May.

Legislation could be approved in June and filed with the state before July 1 for the change to take effect Jan. 1, 2018.

Talarico noted that the county could actually hike its registration fees as well, generating another $1.34 million per year.

Doing so would disproportionately affect Amherst, Avon, and Avon Lake, which have lower registration fees, he said.

Staff Report