Pavlik contract extended at Lorain County JVS

By Jonathan Delozier -

A five-year contract paying $115,153 annually was approved Feb. 16 for Jerry Pavlik, deputy superintendent of the Lorain County JVS.

The new deal is effective July, 1, 2018, the same day Pavlik’s previous contract was set to expire, which was signed in 2012.

“I’ve always wanted to retire from here and this gets me that much closer,” he said. “I think the world of the school and I think the world of the staff. I’m also greatly appreciative of the board and that they recognize the direction the school is going in. I’m just very thankful.”

In his 20th year at the JVS, Pavlik said he sees positive trends such as high Ohio report card grades and expansion of curriculum continuing.

“The addition to our ninth and 10th grade has been great,” he said. “High graduation rates, high rigor, and the ability to be a force in the county as a workforce development agency will continue. We want to make this a place every student can be successful. That means high school and adult students. That’s the mission and what we’re devoted to.”

Before the contract was approved, there was some discussion regarding future salary enhancements built into the deal. Board members Ayers Ratliff and Rex Engle said by 2023, the annual payout could be between $136,000 and $140,000.

The contract says “the Deputy Superintendent shall be eligible for an annual increase in an amount equal to that granted to other administrative staff.”

Superintendent Glenn Faircloth said annual raises for administrative staff at the JVS fall around three percent.

“The deputy superintendent has done a great job for us,” he said. “He’s also a veteran of this district after starting as a teacher and becoming a supervisor. He’s done a noble job. When you talk about most administrators, depending on how the district is set up, when you sign a four or five-year contract, you’re frozen. Each year, cost of living goes up.”

“Raises for good teachers are well deserved, as are raises for good administrators,” he added. “If a district can afford raises within reason, and people are doing a good job, that’s the point of it all.”

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By Jonathan Delozier