Young pleads guilty in death of Debra Majkut

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A possible lifetime driver’s license ban in the least of Adrianna Young’s worries.

The 25-year-old Oberlin woman pleaded guilty last week to charges stemming from the death of Amherst Township mother Debra Majkut, who was crushed under Young’s car when it smashed through the wall of the family’s home nearly two years ago.

The counts include aggravated vehicular assault, vehicular assault, possession of marijuana, and tampering with evidence.

A prison term is not mandatory.

But Young could spend upwards of nine years behind bars if Lorain County common pleas judge James Miraldi hands down the maximum sentences for each count.

She could also be ordered to pay up to $25,150 in fines.

Majkut was sitting on her couch, holding her infant son Jaxon around 7:45 a.m. on July 28, 2015.

That’s when Young, according to state troopers, barreled off the roadway and across a large yard. Her Toyota Camry launched into the air and through the wall of the house at 8788 Leavitt Rd., just south of Rt. 113.

The 34-year-old mother died despite rescue attempts. Jaxon survived — he was pulled free of the wreckage by his brother, Jacob, and neighbors — but the baby endured horrific burns from the sedan’s exhaust system and required skin grafts.

Jaxon’s burns caused permanent injury and led to a $300,000 settlement in a civil lawsuit last year.

Toxicology reports showed Young had marijuana in her system, far beyond what is allowed for drivers in states where recreational marijuana is legal.

She initially told investigators she had swerved to avoid an animal and had been unable to see after the car’s airbags deployed.

Young is free on $20,000 bond.

A jury trial had been scheduled for March 27.


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