REPORT: Shooting threat made on Lake Ridge bus route

Staff Report

A shooting threat on an Oberlin school bus last week alarmed parents, even though the suspect said he didn’t mean it.

The problem arose March 16 during a drive from Lake Ridge Academy to Oberlin.

The board of education voted recently to halt the private school route starting in the fall. However, the threat does not appear to have any connection to the controversial decision.

Instead, several riders reported that the suspect, who is well-known by OPD officers, was “being disruptive, disrespectful, and made violent statements and gestures about shooting” fellow students, according to a report.

They said he used racial slurs and profanity toward both students and the bus driver and made finger guns at them.

Parents told police they were concerned that if the child were let back on the bus it would only make the situation worse. This is not the first time the suspect has been disorderly and violent on the bus, they told police.

The suspect’s mother later took the boy to the police station, where he admitted to making threats. But the boy said it wasn’t a serious threat and it had only been made because riders had been picking on him.

The boy said he made the shooting threat in an attempt to get the other students to leave him alone.

Police warned the suspect that his actions were not acceptable.

The report had no clear resolution involving charges or the county juvenile court system.

Staff Report