Taking the health care case to Jordan

Courtesy photo

As the health care debate ramped up last week, a delegation from Oberlin delivered a petition with nearly 500 signatures to the Norwalk office of U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana). Local activist and congressional candidate Janet Garrett said the petition called on Republicans to keep the Affordable Care Act, which President Donald Trump promised to “repeal and replace.” Garrett said the Oberlin group did not speak to Jordan, only to an aide, but some who made the journey shared personal stories about how their lives have been saved by the ACA. “It appeared to fall on deaf ears, which is what would have happened if (Jordan) himself had been there,” she said. A repeal vote never came, as Trump failed to garner the needed votes in the House of Representatives. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, suffering the biggest defeat of his political career, said coverage under the ACA will continue for the foreseeable future.