10 appointed to review Oberlin’s Climate Action Plan

Staff Report

The following people have been appointed to serve on Oberlin’s Climate Action Committee:

• Bryan Burgess, city council

• Sharon Pearson, City council

• Carrie Handy, city planning and development director

• John Scofield, public utilities commission chair

• Doug McMillan, Oberlin Municipal Light and Power interim director

• Meghan Riesterer, Oberlin College assistant vice president of energy management and sustainability

• Gene Matthews, energy advocate for Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly

• David Hall, Oberlin Schools superintendent

• Janet Haar, Oberlin Business Partnership director

• Cindy Andrews, Oberlin Community Services director

City manager Rob Hillard will lead meetings, which aim to prepare updates on the city’s Climate Action Plan by the end of the year.

Key areas under review are how Oberlin addresses issues of renewable energy, efficiency, transportation, green building, waste management, and education and awareness.

About half those on the committee helped draft the Climate Action Plan in 2013 and half bring new views, Burgess noted.

Staff Report