OberlinKids to provide $20K in preschool scholarships

Staff Report

Grant dollars were recently awarded to OberlinKids from the Ohio Children’s Foundation in support of families paying for three-, four-, or five-year-olds attending half day preschool at an approved center.

All of the money will be allocated to those demonstrating the most need — families with low income, children who have not attended preschool programming, and children entering kindergarten in 2018.

An application process will be made available from OberlinKids to member families at approved early learning centers.

To ensure all parents are knowledgeable about the choices for high quality preschool programming in Oberlin, the nonprofit has just released an “OberlinKids Approved: Oberlin Preschools” brochure. It contains information on the five-star Step Up to Quality-rated early learning centers, including Kendal Early Learning Center, Oberlin Early Childhood Center, and Eastwood Elementary School.

The Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services administer the rating and improvement system. Half day, full day, and part-time options are available.

“High quality early learning and care makes a difference. Research now shows that children who have at least two years of high quality preschool have a greater likelihood of school success,” said OberlinKids coordinator Jenn Keathley. “OberlinKids is working to increase slots and affordability so that all preschool children in Oberlin can have access to high quality programming.”

You can find the Oberlin preschools brochure at the centers listed, at the Oberlin Public Library, and at the Oberlin Business Partnership. You can also view the brochure online at www.oberlinkids.org under “Programs – On Track for Kindergarten.”

OberlinKids can answer questions about early learning options specific to a family’s needs. For more information or questions, call Keathley at 440.935.5287 or email jkeathley@oberlinkids.org.

The goal is to give each child birth to kindergarten who lives in Oberlin or will be attending the Oberlin City Schools the opportunity to be successful.

OberlinKids a free program.

Staff Report