POWER to launch efficiency program for all-electric homes

Staff Report

Oberlin residents enjoy the benefit of many energy efficiency programs, but until now owners of homes heated by electricity have missed out on the biggest benefits.

Funding from the Sustainable Reserve Fund is allowing Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly — or POWER — to offer the same rebates on all-electric homes that gas-heated homes have enjoyed for years.

Customers of the Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System who heat their homes with electricity are now eligible to receive a full energy assessment for $50 and receive 40 to 60 percent rebates on insulation and air-sealing work. Rebates are even larger for low-income homeowners.

For more information, visit www.poweroberlin.org

POWER energy advocate Greg Jones can help homeowners of all-electric homes take advantage of this program. He is available free of charge to offer advice to any Oberlin resident about how to increase their building’s efficiency at the lowest possible cost.

Contact Jones at 440-935-0995 or greg@oberlincommunityservices.net.

POWER is a nonprofit grassroots environmental justice organization that promotes energy efficiency in residences, small businesses, and churches.

Staff Report