Renovations should be ready for JVS fall semester

By Jonathan Delozier -

A $3 million overhaul for health and early childhood education classrooms on the bottom level of the Lorain County JVS should be ready before students arrive in August.

Changes in the 20,000-square-foot area will open up more room for kids to study.

The school’s health programs have been stuck in carts and makeshift classrooms to this point, said JVS superintendent Glenn Faircloth.

“It wasn’t conducive to the type of curriculum being offered. It was us saying, ‘We have to put you here because we don’t have a correct facility,’” he said.

In the program, students can earn up to 19 college credits, become a state-tested nurse’s aide, and gain access to internships.

The JVS board of education approved the renovations at the end of 2016.

“There were weird areas with early childhood education where parents had to go to a separate area and stay there until we could verify their identification,” Faircloth said. “Now the entire area has been reworked to where that will no longer be an issue.”

Early childhood education students work with children ages three to five on the JVS campus and travel to elementary schools, day care centers, and Head Start programs in the area.

They can also earn 120 classroom hours toward an associate’s degree.

Sports health medicine classes will also be offered in the downstairs area, which some JVS students have taken at Clearview High School in Sheffield Township over the past few years.

“We have so many of our associate school districts saying, ‘We’d like to be in that program,’ Faircloth said. “Funding doesn’t allow us to duplicate that program in 13 school districts, so why not make JVS the epicenter of it?”

Some cuts were made to the project in order to stay within budget. They include using a polished concrete floor in the downstairs instead of carpet found in the rest of the building.

“I wanted to get curved walls to take away the look of a basement but that was also cut,” the superintendent said. “We cut quite a bit to get this done in a timely fashion while still making it a robust expansion for our students.”

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By Jonathan Delozier