BACK TO SCHOOL: ‘Read with your kid,’ urges Eastwood principal

Air conditioning and free meals are among the changes kids can look forward to this year at Eastwood Elementary.

Relief from warm weather will be found via $80,000 brand new air conditioning units. Principal Susan Alig said JD Indoor Comfort is working to make sure they are ready by the time kids return to the PK-2 building on Wednesday, Aug. 23.

Last year, Prospect Elementary was the first school in Oberlin to provide free breakfast and lunch. The program, based on a community’s poverty rate, has now expanded to Eastwood.

Alig said teachers will also continue to promote inquisitiveness in students by encouraging questions and dialogue. Learning comes more naturally when kids are able to discover new information on their own, but also foster their own curiosity and ask “Why?” she said.

The relationship teachers develop with each student can make or break a year, said Alig, principal since 2013.

“When a child really loves going to school and seeing their teacher every day, that’s a motivator,” she said. “The second piece is what the student is doing. They want engaged, exciting, and hands-on learning.”

As always, instilling a love of reading in students is her top priority.

While written word is a source of joy for many at Eastwood, Alig wants kids to understand just how much can be learned by picking up a book, magazine, or newspaper.

A love of reading can improve other curricular areas, as students feel more comfortable solving word problems in math class or reading history textbooks in social studies.

Alig asks parents to read with their kids, and suggests making it a part of the bedtime routine.

“When children see their parents reading, that’s what they want to do,” she said, urging parents to model behaviors. “Children love to emulate what their parents are doing.”

Laurie Hamame can be reached at 440-755-1611 or @HamameNews on Twitter.

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By Laurie Hamame

Eastwood Elementary School

Principal: Susan Alig

Start time: 8:30 a.m.

Release time: 3:20 p.m.

Number of students: 220

Grades: PK-2