AAA offers tips to protect your identity

Staff Report

Identity theft has taken over as one of the most common and costly crimes happening today.

In light of the increase in major data breaches over the last few years, AAA East Central is reminding people to take steps to protect themselves and their identification.

There are 1.5 million victims of cyber-crime every day, said Dan Flynn, AAA East Central spokesman.

There are several opportunities for ID theft when shopping online and in the stores. To prevent theft of your credit card or other personal information, AAA recommends you:

• Stick to familiar websites that you know are secure. Don’t use a new website to buy something before checking consumer reviews, and make sure the site offers a secure web page for credit card transactions.

• Don’t shop online or provide personal data when using an unsecured Wi-Fi connection in a public place or on a public computer. Hackers may be able to steal that information.

• When shopping at retail locations, don’t let your credit card out of sight when paying for purchases. Make sure your purse or wallet is secure at all times.

• Keep your smartphone in a safe place when shopping or while out, and use a passcode lock feature, if it has one. Thieves can access your personal data by stealing an unsecured cell phone.

Staff Report