Council OK’s rescue pumper purchase



A shiny, new fire truck is coming with a $718,545,00 price tag.

Oberlin city council has entered a contract Nov. 20 with Finley Fire Equipment Inc. of McConnelsville, Ohio, for the purchase of a 2018 fire rescue pumper. Delivery time is 10 months.

The new Pierce Impel truck will spit out 1,500 gallons of water per minute and will replace an 18-year-old American LaFrance pumper that is nearing the end of its usable service life. Most last around 20 years, said fire chief Bob Hanmer.

The fire department is saving $27,468 by paying for the fire truck in full within 30 days of signing the contract. Finley Fire Equipment is offering $25,000 for a trade-in of the department’s 18-year-old Engine 41.

The total price after discounts is $665,947.

The new truck will paid for through the renewal of the municipal income tax levy, which generates $600,000 annually. Currently there is $171,279 in the reserve fund and another $40,000 will be available in 2018.

Oberlin College has agreed to pay the city $217,000 over a seven-year period — that’s $31,000 per year — toward the purchase of the new engine.

Engine 41 was scheduled to be replaced in 2020, but Hanmer said the smartest option is to ditch the aging truck instead of replacing broken parts. The repairs would cost nearly $50,000 and put the engine out of service for six months.

The generator is weak, which powers major components such as the light tower and electrical reels for portable lighting, and extrication tools. The foam tank is leaking, causing corrosion within the fire pump. Tires will also need to be replaced.

The manufacturer is now out of business and finding replacement parts or another vendor to take liability is rare, Hamner said.

Laurie Hamame can be reached at 440-775-1611 or @HamameNews on Twitter.