OMLPS makes purchases for 2018

By Laurie Hamame -



Selling old trucks and replacing aging circuit breakers are ways the Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System is getting a head start on the new year.

City council voted this month to sell two worn out vehicles via, a marketplace for the sale of government surplus assets, and on the AMP Ohio website.

Replacement lift and pickup trucks were purchased in 2006.

A 2002 International aerial lift truck is no longer needed and selling it would free up storage space, said OMLPS director Doug McMillan. The truck manufacturer has estimated a fair market value of approximately $25,000. OMLPS will list the aerial lift truck with a minimum bid of $20,000.

A 40-year-old Dodge Dakota has had numerous repairs including two transmission replacements. The 2004 pickup has an estimated value between $2,700 and $3,600. OMLPS staff proposes to list the Dodge Dakota with a minimum bid of $2,500.

“For some reason that truck has been a lemon, so we just want to get rid of it,” McMillan said.

Council also approved a contract with Siemens Industry of Richland, Miss., for the purchase of 69 kilo-volt breakers for the electrical switch station located on Butternut Ridge Road.

The station serves as the city’s interconnection to the First Energy transmission grid. The existing circuit breakers are original to the station’s construction in 1977 and are recommended for replacement due to age.

Proper operation of these breakers is critical to the reliability of the electric system. They work similarly to a home circuit breaking, and protect an electrical current from damage caused by over- or under-voltage, McMillan said.

The project also includes the purchase of six new potential transformers which provide voltage readings for the protective relays that control the circuit breakers.

Six bids were opened Nov. 16 and Siemens Industry’s bid of $154,520 was selected as the best and lowest for the breakers. Powerline Supply of Lima, Ohio bid $31,917 for the transformers.

The purchases will expend $186,437 from a budget of $200,000.

Installation will take about a month to complete, McMillan said, and will be done by OMLPS personnel in late spring.

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By Laurie Hamame