Will it be a white Christmas?

Staff Report

Just like Bing Crosby, we’re dreaming of a white Christmas.

But the odds are against us. After this week’s warm-up to the 40s and the rain it brought to Lorain County, there’s little chance of a traditional snowy holiday just like the ones we used to know.

Still, a tiny chance does exist. The long-range forecast gives a 20 percent chance of precipitation here, with the Christmas high falling a few degrees short of the freezing point. The low will be around 17 degrees — so we might still see a few flakes.

Interestingly, historical records show that white Christmases are far less common in the Greater Cleveland area than you might think.

The National Weather Service has tracked Christmas Day climatology for more than a century. Since 1893, there’s been an average of just a half-inch of snow.

Other Christmas weather facts:

• The record high snowfall was 10.2 inches in 2002.

• The warmest Christmas on record here was 66 degrees in 1982. The next year set the record low at -10 degrees.

• On average since 1871, Christmas Day has had a mean temperature of 29 degrees.

Staff Report