Report: Black-clad man pointed gun at Mercy staffer

Staff Report

A man with a gun put Mercy Health Allen Hospital into lockdown on Oct. 16, according to an Oberlin police report.

A patient first alerted hospital staff to what sounded like a gunshot around 8 p.m.

A witness who went outside to check told officers the suspect was standing in a nearby field, dressed all in black, and was using a piece of metal to try to enter a vehicle.

He refused to identify himself, instead pointing a .40-caliber gun in her face and telling the woman not to look at him before walking away, stopping to pick up an unknown object and slip it into his pocket.

The man disappeared on foot, heading west, according to the report.

The woman, who is an employee at the hospital, described the suspect as approximately 40 years old with a deep, raspy voice.

The hospital was on alert until Oberlin police cleared the area.

Staff Report